Whipped Body Butter is an essential component of any good shower routine if you’re looking to pamper your skin and yourself. Try our tips for using Whipped Body Butter as an in-shower creamy moisturizing oil and discover this healthy way to leave your skin glowing and soft!


While showering with lukewarm water, spread the Whipped Body Butter generously over your body and massage the butter in softly. The Body Butter helps your skin retain all the moisture that is currently on your body, ensuring your skin stays nice, supple, radiant and soft. Who could ask for more?!


After using the body butter, don’t rub your skin with a towel. Instead, blot the skin dry gently and voila! Your skin is perfectly moisturized, hydrated, and ready to take on your adventures for the day.


The Whipped Butter honestly works wonders as an in-shower body lotion to transform your skin to simply glowing and completely content. Your skin will be ready to brave the day feeling protected and hydrated by the Whipped Body Butter.


 So what are you waiting for? Give the Whipped Body Butter a try! You will absolutely love using the Whipped Butter as a creamy moisturizing oil to keep your skin nourished.