Did you know that the Whipped Butter can be used as a wonderful everyday hair butter cream? You can easily add this hair butter cream to your daily hair care routine as it works great as a moisturizing sealant for both dry and damp hair!


The Whipped Butter acts as an incredible hydrator for natural hair by securing all of the moisture in the individual hair strands from the root to the tip. It also nurtures your scalp and protects your hair from dryness or breakage.


How does it work? It’s simple. You can apply the Whipped Butter between any hair parts to seal in the moisture in your hair. You can also apply more Whipped Butter to the ends of the hair to make sure all moisture is locked in and your hair remains strong and healthy. This can be repeated daily to ensure your hair has been hydrated and repaired. You can also use the hair butter to style your hair as it can finalize your look of the day!


This organic product will leave your hairs soft, smooth, and shiny. Not only does this Whipped Butter work wonders for hair, as an added bonus: it also smells amazing!