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June, the beginning of summer! A time when we’re hitting the beaches and getting outside more than ever. Warm, bright, and fun, summer is for families and friends to get together and enjoy each other’s company. We knew we would have to choose the perfect fragrances for our June subscription boxes to mark the beginning of summer. And there were two that stood out as the perfect candidates!


Lime Fusion is a bright and citrusy fragrance, with a bit of delightful tang to it. It’s fresh and clean and reminds us of a brisk summer breeze. While it’s obvious that there is lime in it, it’s not too intense. Its calm aura portrays an air of subtle sophistication, without losing the fun! It’s perfect for summer and mild enough for everyday wear.


Mango Papaya is our scent of the month! Its bold, fruity sweetness is light and fun! It’s perfect for the woman looking to turn heads, as a lot of people will follow their noses as you walk by! This body butter will make you smell scrumptious from head to toe. There’s no better smelling skincare out there! If you’re looking for a vivid fragrance that will make a statement and transport you to a tropical paradise every time you wear it, look no further than Mango Papaya!


These fragrances work great together as well! The cool, crispness of the Lime Fusion pairs remarkably well with the bright, sweetness of the Mango Papaya! And as always, our remarkable body butter formula is the perfect carrier for these scents. Not only will you smell incredible all day long, but your skin will thank you for the pampering!


So if you’re looking for the perfect skincare product to brave the summer sun with, look no further than Butter Depot’s Lime Fusion and Mango Papaya Whipped Body Butters!


photo credit @christeldiamond