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Each item will be scented with the same fragrance based on the one you select. Assorted means we will send you a mixture of scents. We do not guarantee certain scents. Assorted means random. No special requests.

8 oz Whipped Bath Soap
8 oz Whipped Body Butter
8 oz Whipped Sugar Scrub
8 oz Goat Milk Body Cream
8 oz Aromatherapy Bath Salts

Sea Salt & Mango | Juicy mango, salty ocean breeze + citrus. Very soft.

Wonderland | Very soft, powdery and lightly scented.

Strawberries, goji berries, raspberry, gardenia petals, jasmine, peach nectar, white amber, coconut musk + creamy vanilla.

Sweet Citrus | Bright – Fresh – Sweet Citrus.

Eucalyptus Mint | Unisex – Eucalyptus - Spearmint.

Everything you need to create a luxury at home spa day.